• Originally arrested for Insurance Fraud, he met the love of his life Phillip Morris in prison
  • He got out before Phillip, so he proceeded to GET PHILLIP OUT OF PRISON
  • He wanted to give Phillip a glamourous life, so he got a big-name job, and then started embezzling funds
  • he was arrested and then broke out TWICE MORE and kept busting out
  • then he was arrested again, and the above happened
  • while he was on the run from this, he was determined to get Phillip (who was in trouble for harboring him) out of prison so he pretended to be a lawyer and hit up Phillip’s jail 24/7. He tried to get Phillip moved to a prison closer to where he was hiding so he couLD VISIT HIM
  • AND THEN he made a fake identity and tried to get a 75k loan, and was arrested AGAIN, but he FAKED A HEART ATTACK AND LEFT BEFORE HE WAS EVEN PLACED IN PRISON AGAIN
  • There’s a movie about his life called “I love you, phillip morris” Starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor


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  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $200,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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here's the video she took


this is long but very important so i just want you to read it all so you know how fucking pissed i am.

i’ve always seen videos on here and facebook and such of the police abusing their power but i never thought it would happen to someone i knew. my sister’s boyfriend was pulled over earlier today in the parking lot of their apartment complex for speeding. the cop asked him for his license, he rolled his window down partly and gave it to him. the cop then went back to his car to write out the ticket, did his business, came back, and told him to roll the window all the way down and step out of the car. before this he was on the phone with my sister telling her to come outside and get her drink. the officer told him to get off the phone because it was “against the law.” last i checked no it’s not. he’s in his car on his phone. it’s not.

the officer then proceeded to tell him to roll down his window more, which he doesn’t have to do, and then to get out of the car, also something he doesn’t have to do. according to them, by not doing that he was resisting arrest - i’m sorry, what is he being arrested for? you never told him how fast he was going and you never gave him his ticket. last i checked you don’t get arrested for speeding and there were no signs of him being under the influence of anything.

so then they told him to get out of his car or else he was going to break the window. my sister started recording at this point and by this time more police had came (who knows what the fuck for). they gave him not 3 seconds to get of the car before the cop grabbed him, and threw him on the ground. that’s when he did start to resist some by wrapping his arms around the officer but what else do you expect when you’re being forced to the ground. another officer then jumped in, put him in a chokehold, and began punching the back of his head until he was forced over on his knees. he pulled a taser out while he’s already on the fucking ground and tased him, and when he rolled over onto his back, screaming, the officer wrapped his hand around his throat and asked him “are you done” so my sisters boyfriend replied with “yes im done”, and so he asked again” are you done you piece of shit?” good one.

in the process of this they broke the car door - it’s only supposed to open a certain amount, about a 45 degree angle, and now it goes to a 90 degree angle. there are dents in the side of the car and my dad had to physically push and pop it back into place. when i got there with my dad my dad was standing in one spot trying to explain to them why he was pissed off that they broke the car door because it’s under his name, and one of the cops was walking up on my dad like he was causing a problem or something when he was standing in one spot simply explaining something to them.

to top it all off, here’s a few more things that happened.

  1. his Miranda Rights were never read to him. not while he was being arrested, not while in the back of the police car, and not while he was at the station.
  2. they searched his car with no probable cause.
  3. they’re fining him for $3000 in total of tickets because of shit that THEY did. since his rights were never read to him, this is invalid.
  4. they never ran his license because while on the phone they must have ran the license plate number on the car because they said my dad’s name, who the car is registered under, and my sister had to correct them and tell them that’s not who they were actually arresting,
  5. when they were struggling with each other his wallet fell on the ground and my sister has it on video, but when they went to check the ground when they left it wasn’t there, and it wasn’t anywhere in the car, so they went to the station to see if any cops had it and supposedly none of them did. there was $200 in the wallet and when the police called my sister back up one of the claimed to have seen it on the floor of the car, when it’s on video that it’s on the ground.
  6. there was also a point after my sister stopped recording where they had his leg and my sister’s boyfriend asked them “why do you have my leg” and the officer tells him to “shut up” or he’ll “break it”
  7. the key to their car is now somehow bent, when he didn’t have it on him while he was being arrested, he left it in the car, which means one of the cops took it out himself and managed to bend it in the process.
  8. my sister’s boyfriend is Hispanic and all the cops were white, and they live in a predominantly white area of the city, so you can just imagine where i’m going with that

i just want as many people as i can possibly can to know about this bullshit. how do you call the police to say that someone is being physically abused when it’s the police doing the abuse?

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